My name is Yiyang Guo, pronounced as [i: iɑŋ, kuo]. Welcome to my homepage!

I am a Ph.D. candidate at Cambridge Linguistics under the supervision of Prof. Ian Roberts and Dr. Theresa Biberauer. My research centres on syntax, semantics, morphology, and their interfaces. I am currently working on how quantification in the domain of events is encoded in Mandarin. I am also interested in diminutives from a cross-linguistic perspective.

I am a huge fan of music during 'me time'. See more of me playing the Double Bass in the gallery.

Feel free to contact me at yg384 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk.


April 2023. International Workshop on Maximalization Strategies in the Event Domain, University of Debrecen.

September 2022. Sinn und Bedeutung 27, Charles University. [Paper]

September 2022. Dissecting Morphological Theory 3 (held in conjunction with International Morphology Meeting 20), Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics. [Slides]

Matriculated at Trinity College, 5 October 2021.