Selected Presentations

  • Pluractionality via competition: VV in Mandarin Chinese (with Shumian Ye)

September 2022. Sinn und Bedeutung 27, Charles University. [Poster] [Slides]

  • Diminutives at word level and root level: -er in Colloquial Beijing Mandarin

September 2022. Dissecting Morphological Theory 3 (held in conjunction with International Morphology Meeting 20), Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics. [Slides]

August 2022. ESSLLI 33 Student Session, National University of Ireland, Galway. [Paper][Poster] [Slides]

  • The mechanism of lexicalization in hen-shi

September 2020. NACCL-32, University of Connecticut.

  • The syntactic position of duration phrases in Chinese

December 2019, ISOCTAL-3, University College Cork.

  • Chinese verbal classifiers at the syntax-semantics interface

May 2019, IACL-27, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies.